noun Zoology an organ of balance and orientation in some aquatic invertebrates.

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  • statocyst — [stat′əsist΄] n. [< Gr statos, standing < histanai, to STAND + CYST] 1. Bot. a plant cell containing plastids, starch grains, or other statoliths 2. Zool. a sense organ found in many invertebrate animals, consisting typically of a fluid… …   English World dictionary

  • Statocyst — The statocyst is a balance organ present in some aquatic invertebrates (Cnidarians, Ctenophores, Bilaterians). It consists of a sac like structure containing a mineralised mass (statolith) and numerous innervated sensory hairs (setae). The… …   Wikipedia

  • statocyst — Cavity filled with fluid and particles acting as organ of orientation [Poore, 2004]. Diminutive organ providing sense of balance [McLaughlin, 1980]. Organ of balance at base of antennular peduncle in brachyurans [Ingle, 1992]. Sensory organ of… …   Crustacea glossary

  • statocyst — noun Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary Date: 1902 an organ of equilibrium occurring especially among invertebrate animals and consisting usually of a fluid filled vesicle lined with sensory hairs that detect the position of suspended …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • statocyst — n. [Gr. statos, fixed; kystis, bladder] An organ of balance found in many invertebrates, variable in structure from an open canal, vesicle, or closed chambers composed of one to many cells (lithocytes), that contains a concretion of granules of… …   Dictionary of invertebrate zoology

  • statocyst — An organ for the perception of gravity and thus body orientation, found in many invertebrate animals; a cavity lined with sensory cells and containing a statolith …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • statocyst — /stat euh sist /, n. Zool. (in certain invertebrates) a sense organ consisting of a sac enclosing sensory hairs and particles of sand, lime, etc., that functions in maintaining equilibrium, serving to indicate position in space. [1900 05; stato… …   Universalium

  • statocyst — noun A balance organ present in some aquatic invertebrates, consisting of a sac like structure containing a statolith and numerous innervated setae …   Wiktionary

  • statocyst — n. organ which serves to maintain equilibrium in certain invertebrates (Zoology) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • statocyst — stato·cyst …   English syllables

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